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June 22, 2016
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Small Wheel Kit, Evo 80

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  • We have developed a small wheel kit that will fit the 2008 Rev 80 as well as 2009-2013 Evo 80 Sr. models. Designed to allow your customers to purchase an Evo 80 Sr. model and with this kit installed it allows the bike to grow with their son or daughter.
  • With this kit installed, an Evo 80 Sr. model will have a seat height of only 24″ which is the same as our Evo 80 Jr. model and a full 2 inches lower than the standard Sr. model. This kit comes with tires installed to make the swap easy and painless. There is even a front fender lowering kit so that the bike will have the proper look. These kits are made from high quality Excel aluminum rims with “Made in the USA” stainless spokes.
  • Customers can also shorten the width of the handlebars and adjust the levers in so Junior will feel right at home. Then as he or she grows, the stock wheels can be installed for more years of fun!
  • Each kit includes: -Front and rear wheel assemblies w/ heavy duty spokes (17″ front and 16″ rear) -Special trial tires front and rear with tubes and rim locks. -Shorter side stand -front fender lowering kit


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